Four Top Restaurants For Vacationers In Lakeland FL

Lakeland is part of Polk County and the Tampa Bay area, and there are currently 363 restaurants in the city. Cafe Zuppina is ranked #1, and we are going to take a look at that establishment and three more. Get ready to virtually explore four of Lakeland’s best restaurants, and then you get to pick which one you are going to visit in person.

Cafe Zuppina is a great restaurant located at 4417 South Florida Avenue. It is known for its Turkish coffee, gyro platter, eggplant rolls and much more. Have you ever tried red lentil soup before? There are many delicious dishes on the menu at Cafe Zuppina, and I don’t know about you, but I think that Turkish coffee sounds absolutely delicious. I bet that is some strong coffee.

The Red Top Pit Stop is up next, and what a name. This restaurant is located at 12160 US Highway 98 North. This place is where you go if you are up for some delicious barbecue and all the fixins. How does brisket, ribs, fried okra, mac n’ cheese and Texas toast sound to you? That sounds to me like a full barbecue plate, and it would perhaps be what I ordered. I would want to see the full menu though first at The Red Top Pit Stop. Pancakes are also served up there, so you can evidently enjoy a nice breakfast, too. I love me some pancakes.

When in Lakeland FL, you want to know where you can get the best pizza, right? One of the best pizza places is Palace Pizza. Pizza is such a great food when you are on vacation trying to fit everything in on time and still enjoy delicious food. Palace Pizza is located at 114 South Kentucky Avenue, and it is also known for its delicious Italian dishes and tiramisu for dessert. By the way, you can order up pizza by the slice there, too.

Texas Cattle Company is a good one, too. You will find Texas Cattle Company and all the steaks you could dream of at 735 East Main Street. If it’s a steak and baked potato you want, they have you covered. All four of these Lakeland FL restaurants have a little something different to offer, and you just have to make the time to visit and enjoy a good meal. Remember that pizza place if you are on the fly.